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Plan Your Life Planning


Where should I start?

It's not about new year celebration, 2009's resolutions or 2010's missions - at all. Maybe there's a lot of bloggers wrote on the same topic over and over again every year. Reflections and evaluations. What we have achieved last year? Do all our missions accomplished successfully? Are we satisfy with all our achievements? If yes, what's our next plan? If no, what should we do to improve? SWOT analysis? Everyone -maybe- do this. Congratulations! May Allah bless us for every effort we put forth especially in our best-est job (everyone were responsible for this job - no exceptions- ), da'a ila Allah (41:33).

Nowadays, personal life planning is vital. We're prisoned in complex "genjutsu" world. Sometimes, we have a lot of time. Staying in front of computer, surfing internet, write new blog's post, sleeping and of course slothful. But sometimes, we also can be busiest people in the world. Then, only at that time we realize how valuable the time we had waste before. It's no use crying over spilt milk or Malay like to say nasi sudah menjadi bubur. But, bubur still can be eaten right? Thus, time management and life planning might help us in living our life systematically. Munazzhomun fi syu'unihi (well-planning and well-organized), as one of our goals to become a true Muslim.

I know many of us had already planning their life this year. I'd just read at facebook that one of my friend set to get married on 01 November 2010. Perhaps one or more of RI's member (except Khubaib will 'aqad nikah' tomorrow) will also get married this blessing year. Who knows. Let us pray for 'him'. Thus, here I like to share some tips on life planning. Frankly, I just copy and paste this article from internet. So, enjoy your reading. (^_^)

Life Planning

Life planning is a process by which a person takes a more proactive role in planning his or her life. Life planning combines personal reflection and goal-setting in a somewhat formalized or structured process to arrive at a plan to achieve specific goals. No one is in complete control of all life’s events, nor is anyone at the complete mercy of random chance, luck or fate. There is the area between the two extremes in which a person can exert greater influence over the course of his or her life. Life-altering decisions are made daily, and aligning those daily decisions according to a life plan will help you reach the goals you’ve set. Here are some life planning recommendations that will help make the process easy and rewarding for you:

Life Planning Recommendation #1: Formalize It

Most people spend more time each year on grocery lists than on a plan for their life. Take your life planning seriously, but have fun with it. Set aside time without distractions to contemplate and decide what your goals and aspirations are. Commit your thoughts to paper or a goal-setting application, such as

Life Planning Recommendation #2: Seek Guidance

If you’re not comfortable with personal reflection and self-analysis, you may find it useful to have a coach or mentor help you with your life planning.

Clearly determine what your goals are. Be specific.

  • Bad: “To travel more”
  • Good: “To Backpack through Europe Next Summer”

It is best to manage some short-term, some mid-term, and some long-term goals at the same time.

Life Planning Recommendation #4: Create Your Goalplans® (Very Important Step)

Identify and list all the obstacles standing between you and the goal. Identify resources, assistance, information or anything else that might be needed to reach the goal. As you're writing, don’t get discouraged by the obstacles–they’re an absolutely necessary part of your plan. Taking each obstacle one at a time, write one or more ways the obstacle could be overcome. These are tasks (or action items) that will comprise your to-do list. Expect to have several tasks per obstacle. Assign a start and completion date to each task in the plan. It’s ok to be working on several different tasks at the same time, but don’t over do it. Be realistic.

Life Planning Recommendation #5: Share Your Plans with Others

No one becomes successful alone. Individual achievement is greatly impacted by your abilities to ask for assistance, solicit support from friends, family, co-workers, mentors and others with experienced in the area of your pursuit. Only involve those people who will truly support your efforts.

Life Planning Recommendation #6: Persevere

Some of the most rewarding achievements require the greatest investment in time and resources. Having a commitment to persevere, especially when faced with obstacles, is a key differentiator between success and giving up too soon.

Life Planning Recommendation #7: Reassess and Be Flexible

Circumstances change, unexpected events occur, and your life plan and goals should be updated to adapt to changes. Use to help construct your GoalPlansTM and modify it regularly. Don’t be afraid to change your priorities and reassess your direction. Life planning is a dynamic process and full of unforeseeable opportunities.

Life Planning Recommendation #8: Enjoy the Journey

Life planning is an ongoing, exciting way to better chart your course through life as opposed to simply drifting or being at the whims of fate. This is your life–make of it what you can and enjoy the process.


Last but not least, always put your trust in Allah. May He guide us through our life and gives us strength to implement our planning insyaAllah.

Tawakal not "Tawa n Kool"

Allahu a'lam

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[Ab.ngah] said...

Owh.. a good article my brother.. Thank you. Let control ourselves and finally release ourselves from the complex "genjutsu" world..

ibnu yazid said...

Wea, I think people out there doesn't even know what genjutsu are. Hehe. Hey people in the box! genjutsu is an illusion.

Like to rephrase Linkin Park's song, In the End,

"Time is valuable thing
Watch it fly by as a pendulum swing
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away
It's so UNREAL"

UNREAL = ILLUSION right? Hehe..

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