Monday, April 13, 2009


An-Naseehah - My Splendid Moment

Lament - A Cry of Sorrow and Grief

You! You like to live..
Like to believe..
Essence of life is fun..
Want! Want to pretend..
The life that you live..
Has no guiding hands and you..

Jumped into the monies
and never looked back..
Moved away from righteousness..
You want it all
and dont care if you fall
You wanna see the world
You wanna be the world

Try! Try to believe..
The reason to live..
Eternal compassion..
You felel it deep within inside of you..

Grasp! The chance to repent
The chance to live
A new beginning but you

*Repeat chorus 4X

Why? Do you throw your life away
Dont you wanna be among
The ones who fought for the truth
When your eyes were blinded
By the false temptations in your

Then tell me why must you..

*Repeat chorus

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